We had a lot of success using 2-liter soda bottles doing this last season:

Winter sowing milkweed seeds

For soil amending, you can always mix in a little compost before planting. This year I fall planted 500 Swamp Milkweed seeds(I always have good luck with Swamp Milkweeds). They were outside all winter and both resulted in many healthy plants. Transplant outside when the ground warms. Thanks for such a great and informative website. Pick pods as they turn brown, dry and mature. When do you see the seedlings emerge? Click on the orange links to find seeds…htere are seed vendors I purchase from at the bottom of the page. Just trying to do my part! So my question is would I get better results planting now (in late November) or wait until the Spring?

  • I have many milkweed plants in my garden which seem to naturally increase each year. can’t get rid of them fast enough.